2024 – Hope House 4x4x48 Challenge

48 Mile Run for Hope – April 2024

Support Addiction Treatment/Awareness & The HOUSE THAT LOVE BUILT

Past Hope House Participants:


  • Who: Organized & inspired by Ronan O’Brien & David Giaccone who completed the 4x4x48 in 2021 for the first time.
    • 2024 – 10-12 HOPE HOUSE Alumni & Residents & Volunteers will take on the CHALLENGE this year!
  • When:
    • Run Starts: FRIDAY – APRIL 12TH, 2024 –  7 pm EST, then every 4 hours thereafter!!!
  • What: Run 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours.
    • Current Clients, Hope House Alumni, & Community Volunteer Favorite — Connie Havens will support & participate, with a handful of the men running ALL 48 MILES !
  • Cost: Supporters can make a per mile pledge (SEE FORM BELOW)
    • All proceeds are independently raised for the the charity of the Runner’s choice. In our case HOPE HOUSE MINISTRIES
    • 100% of the proceeds will fund ALCOHOL & SUBSTANCE ABUSE TREATMENT & many other human services
    • T-SHIRTS FOR SALE: Includes cost of shirt & small donation to the fundraiser.  SEE JIMMY IN THE BAKERY!
  • Tune in live: All Runners worldwide start each 4-mile segment at the same time.
    • PLEASE FOLLOW Our event instagram page @HHM4X4X48 INSTAGRAM PAGE
    • Come cheer us on at each run location; Locations to be Announced the week of the Event.
  • Community: Encourage others to join in the 4x4x48 Challenge!
    • In a time when there is so much divisiveness in the world, this event gives all of us the rare opportunity to come together for a common goal with people from all over the world!

  • Share our story!!!

    • Spread awareness for HOPE HOUSE & Addiction Recovery Treatment!

Personal Testimony – Ronan O’Brien

Founding Inspiration:

We are taking on this personal challenge to raise awareness and funding for Hope House in Port Jefferson, NY — a safe haven, non-traditional, long-term substance abuse treatment facility which allows individuals to TRANSFORM THEIR LIVES. Hope House also provides and its numerous locations — shelter for the homeless, safe housing for domestic violence victims, safe housing/education for youth at risk, a stand alone mental health facility, and much more!

We were first introduced to David Goggin’s via the internet and learned about his amazing journey of hardship, dedication, transformation, and inspiration. Like many of us he may be a little rough around the edges, but the power of his message is undeniable. We encourage everyone to look him up and read his book “Can’t Hurt Me” — We were blown away. Some of the obstacles he overcame include an abusive childhood, a learning disability, racism, and obesity — he eventually became a decorated Navy Seal, extreme endurance athlete, top motivational speaker for pro-athletes and business moguls, and someone who has PERSONALLY raised millions for charities such as the Special Operations Warriors Fund.

He has inspired us to be super-vigilant in maintaining a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Part of that involves doing things that are uncomfortable and stepping outside of our comfort zones to discover what we are truly capable of. That is what this 4x4x48 Challenge represents for us — and that is also what Hope House has meant for us. We are NOT endurance athletes by any stretch of the imagination! It will be a monumental CHALLENGE no doubt, but for a great cause in Hope House Ministries to which we can personally attest to the MIRACLES they provide everyday!

As David noted above and Father Frank touches on often in his homilies,

In a time when there is so much divisiveness, this event is a rare opportunity to come together with people all over the world for some amazing causes!

For any more Info or if you would like to be a BUSINESS SPONSOR ; T-SHIRT SPONSOR or SUBSTAINTIAL DONOR:

Ronan O’B Email: obrienny@gmail.com

Ronan O’B Cell: 718.839.0012 (text or call!)

Fundraising Goal:

  • $60,000 GOAL

  • Thanks to YOUR support as a COMMUNITY
    • 2021 – we raised just over $23,000 as well as garnered attention & an additional $5,000 donation from DAVID GOGGINS himself!
    • 2022 – we raised just over $52,000 with a VERY GENEROUS contribution from the FRYE FOUNDATION & Family.
    • 2023 – We raised just over $56,000 with generous contributions from the FRYE Foundation & the VECCHIA Family!
  • Post Pandemic Overdose Deaths have surpassed 100,000 LIVES PER YEAR!!!
  • We are seeing to:
    • RAISE more funds this year
    • RAISE greater awareness to the cause of ADDICTION TREATMENT, and
    • RAISE each other up! All Life is Sacred!
  • We are requesting that people make a commitment to contribute a per mile donation.


    • $1/Mile X 48 Miles = Total Donation of $48.00
    • $2/Mile X 48 Miles = Total Donation of $96.00
    • $3/Mile X 48 Miles = Total Donation of $144.00
    • $4/Mile X 48 Miles = Total Donation of $192.00
    • $5/Mile X 48 Miles = Total Donation of $240.00
    • $10/Mile x 48 Miles = Total Donation of $480.00 ~~ [suggested donation]
    • $20/Mile x 48 Miles = Total Donation of $960.00
    • Feel free to enter any amount that works best for you!!! EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS!

Important Reminders:

  • Please share this link with your friends and social media accounts; any help is greatly appreciated during these difficult times!
  • Please include the following HASTAGS with any posts to help grow awareness:
  • #HHM4X4X48
  • #4x4x48CHALLENGE

If you have any questions please reach out to Ronan directly via text or phone at (718-839-0012).

Please click on the “Become a Sponsor” button below to provide your Per Mile pledge.  Or use the QR code to order your T-Shirts or to to donate.

HHM Mission Statement:

Hope House Ministries provides compassionate, comprehensive, and competent care for the poor, the marginal, and the wounded among us. This commitment recognizes that all life is sacred and every human being is unique and has the right to be respected and protected. Specifically, we are committed to young people and families in crisis, pregnant women and mothers and babies in crisis and all other wounded people within our society, who are seen as abandoned and neglected. Thus we seek to be men and women of hope in a world of shattered dreams.

challenge organizer  www.gogginschallenge.com