The network of supporters who give their time, talent and treasure to Hope House Ministries do so for severals reasons.

  • It’s the right thing to do.

When you give to HHM, you make a direct impact on another person’s life. Your dollars make it possible for frontline staff to provide services to those in crisis, offering healthy solutions to a myriad of issues that hold a person back from becoming the best of who they are.

  • What if this were me?

Imagine your son or daughter, your grandchildren, your own brother or sister, or parent experiencing homelessness, addiction, mental health issues, domestic violence or severe depression. Imagine your family torn apart by circumstances out of your control.

If you were connected to a crisis situation you would be very comforted to know that an entire community of supporters have made it possible for your loved one to find professional help and healing free of charge.

Your spirits would be lifted knowing that people truly care about you and your loved one in need.

So consider joining that network of support and be a part of the Hope House Ministries’ family.

  • Every faith tradition encourages giving.

Whether its a one-time gift, an annual gift or some other kind of meaningful tithe, your giving is a testiment to your own faith tradition and its wisdom.

  • Giving to Hope House Ministries saves our community millions of dollars each year.

Hope House Ministries’ enjoys a successful 40 year track record of working with Family Courts, the District Attorney’s Offices, law enforcement and hospitals saving the region millions of dollars each year in tax dollars. This effort dramatically reduces current dependence on publically funded shelters, detox programs, jails, emergency room visits and outpatient healthcare.

We can show, that after starting our services, people are able to live independently, thrive, have fewer encounters with law enforcement and fewer days in the hospital. For those we serve who struggle with addiction in addition to their mental illness, we see reduction and elimination of substance abuse and reduction in risky or harmful behaviors.

  • All of our services are FREE

When was the last time you heard of professional services being free. And yet, most unique about Hope House Ministries, is that all of our services are offered free of charge. This includes housing, supportive professional services, counseling, healthcare, insurance, transportation, food, clothing and opportunities for education both for both high school, college or trade school.

When explained to those new to our agency, few believe it possible. Many question how we are able to stay open.

The answer is best left to the words of one of our alumni, “Hope House is truly a miracle. And that miracle is healing.”

Simply put, your contributions make this miracle happen.

  • Giving makes you feel good.

Trust the science on the topic, Lifehack’s Siobhan Harmer explains its proven benefits