Hope House Ministries is partnering with the Thrivent Charitable Impact & Investing to offer our supporters charitable gift annuities. The HHM Trust in Providence Gift Annuity Program is an easy way to support our ministry while establishing and providing significant income and tax benefits.

Imagine receiving a fixed income for the rest of your life while assured that the residuum will be used well into the future to reach those in need who seek our services.

The HHM Trust in Divine Providence Gift Annuity Program allows donors to make gifts of cash, publicly-traded securities or mutual funds and, in turn, receive a life-long stream of income. No matter when payments begin, you will receive ongoing quarterly payments that remain constant, regardless of investment performance. Upon the death of all named to receive income, the remainder of the gift annuity is directed to your donor advised fund to provide ongoing, annual support to Hope House Ministries.

For example, Florence is 76. She decided to cash in a matured certificate of deposit (CD) to supplement her retirement income and benefit Hope House Ministries.

She establishes an immediate gift annuity using $25,000 cash. Based on her age, the gift annuity payout percentage was set at 6%, providing her with an annual income of $1,500 for life. Approximately $1,134 of this annual income is free from income tax during her life expectancy. She also received a charitable income tax deduction of $11,611. Upon her death, the remainder of her gift annuity goes into her donor advised fund to provide long-lasting support to Hope House Ministries.

Call today to arrange a free customized gift illustration that will calculate your tax and income benefits. We hope that you will prayerfully consider making a planned gift to support Hope House Ministries. As we look to the future of our ministry and those who will continue to call upon our services, it’s important that we plan to continue what Divine Providence has blessed us with, namely, the vision and professional services of Hope House Ministries.

The Trust in Providence Gift Annuity Program may be the right solution for achieving your charitable goals while benefiting from consistent income. Contact Keith Deisner at 631-474-4851 or by email at hhmkeith@optonline.net to learn more.