When you celebrate significant moments like milestone birthdays or the arrival of a grandchild, it is a great time to reflect on your future. What are you passing along to the next generation?

One way to ensure that your values are handed down is through planning your will. Planning how your estate will be handled is a highly personal process of deciding where your assets will be distributed after your lifetime.

If supporting our mission is a part of the legacy you want to leave then share your intentions with loved ones. You may even inspire them to make a connection with Hope House Ministries.

If providing a better life for those who are wounded among us is appealing to you, please contact Hope House Ministries’ Director of Grants & Major Gifts. We will help you get started with a plan of providing for the important people and causes in your life. Contact Keith Deisner at kdeisner@hhm.org or by calling 631-474-4851.