Garden of Hope

A Tribute to Regrowth and Recovery

Gardens nurture us, not just by providing us with produce, but by satisfying our souls and spirit. 40 years ago, Hope House Ministries’ journey began on the hallowed grounds of the Little Portion Friary in Mt. Sinai. During the past 18 months, our many creative, talented, and dedicated young men have endeavored to design and create the conceptual plan depicted here.

As each of our current residents and alumni face the challenges of their own recovery, they have chosen to honor and remember their brothers who have succmbed to their addictions. It is through their energy and passion that this Commemorative Garden has now become a reality.

Project Plans

Please join us in breathing life into their dream. You will note in viewing our plan there are 12 stations, referencing the 12 Steps to Recovery. Our young men are designing natural plaques and benches that will be found throughout the garden commemorating our donors and their fallen brothers. There are many levels of contribution and we are appreciative of whatever you have to offer.

Your contributions will make the garden bloom and help us celebrate the lives of all of the young men and women who have bene impacted by Hope House Ministries.

Donations are accepted at any amount.

Outdoor Altar (1) – $10,000
Organic Garden (1) – $10,000
Pond (1) – $10,000
Station of Recovery (12) – $7,500 each
Greenhouse (1) – $7,500
Deck (1) – $5,000
Waterfall (3) – $3,500 each
Bridge (1) – $2,500
Bench (15) – $1,500 each
Individual Plantings – $_____

Garden of Hope

Click here to make your donation and please specify the level you wish to contribute.

In-Kind Donations are Welcomed

Do you or your organization or business have goods, services or expertise that the Garden of Hope could benefit from?

Examples of In-Kind Donations include:

Irrigation systems, bobcats or earth moving equipment, garden equipment, building materials, shrubbery, stone, plants, manual labor, etc.

Would you like to volunteer your knowledge and experience? Click here to learn how.

For more information on how you can get involved, call 631-473-8796 or email