IRON MAN Triathlete Joel Posner
Raises Funds For HOPE HOUSE October 1st, 2023

Joel Posner

Swimming, Running, biking and lots of preparation!

Iron Man Triathlete


  • Who: Organized & inspired by Joel Steven Posner who lived in Hope House Ministries from the age of 16 to 22.
  • What: 70 Mile Race
  • Where: Ft. Pond, Montauk
  • When: Sunday, October 1, 2023
  • Why: to support the many programs of Hope House Ministries that help those in need.
  • How: Months and months of training!
  • Pledge: Supporters can choose a Sponsorship Level  (SEE FORM BELOW)
  • Community: Encourage others to donate for Joel’s Iron Man Race!
  • Proceeds: 100% of all proceeds raised will go directly to Hope House Ministries
  • Fundraising Goal 2023: $7,101


Joel Posner at Hope House (center)


My main goal in participating in the Iron Man Triathlon in Montauk is to raise awareness for young people who struggle.


Last year, so many of you helped me raise $7,100 to support Hope House Ministries!  It was humbling to receive so much support from family, friends and complete strangers who simply wanted to donate for a very worthy cause.  I always dreamed of creating a fundraiser that would generate a new stream of donations for Hope House Ministries.  All of you made that dream come true.  
I certainly hope you will consider helping me surpass last year’s amount?  I’ve been training for months and anticipate flying through the course this year!  Knowing I am backed by so many people who believe in supporting Hope House will motivate me to do my best.
When I was a kid I fell for peer pressures that sent me reeling. Struggling to stay in school and on track, I found myself getting into trouble at the early age of 12 years old.  My home life was not the greatest.  Growing up as an only child, I was constantly looking for something to do.  It was a blessing and also a curse.  Some days I played organized sports, other days I found myself hanging out with the wrong crowds. 
My Mom and Dad were loving parents but unfortunately they had struggles of their own which prevented them from correcting and disciplining me as a collective unit from a young age.  So I lacked structure and was never held responsible for any of my actions.  Of course I took advantage of this parental weakness and did almost anything I wanted.  It was just a matter of time before this came back to haunt me at the age of 16. 
I found myself with very little options.  I could either take one last chance at redeeming myself through Hope House Ministries or continue on a path that would probably lead me to Jail.
December 14th 2001, Father Frank and Hope House Ministries gave me a shot. This was the beginning of a whole new life for me.  I finally had the right setting to learn structure, responsibility and accountability.  This was no easy task for Father Frank and his staff but they never gave up on me and I never gave upon them.  Over this 6 year period I graduated High school on time and was able to achieve an associates degree from Suffolk County Community College. 

Today, I work in real estate and take every opportunity to give back to the home that gave me a second chance at life.   Every summer I help organize a Pig Roast which we’ve done now for years.  That event has been a lot of fun and has brought folks together to support Hope House.  It just so happens I have a passion for participating in Iron Man competitions and Triathlons.  I figured I could try and take some of that energy and direct it toward financial support for an amazing organization that saved my life and who continue to save the lives of thousands of others. 

Thank you all for considering a sponsorship!   I know I can count on you to help me reach my fundraising goal for 2023!



Become A Sponsor!  Click on the “Become a Sponsor” button below! 

Your donation is much appreciated!   Thank You!

Joel with our Hope House Social Worker

Fundraising Goal: $7,101

  • ADDICTION in all forms continues to take the lives of countless individuals with the pandemic pushing overdose deaths to record numbers!
  • I would like to ask you to help us counter this trend!
    • Together we can:
      • RAISE additional funds for Hope House this Fall.
      • RAISE greater awareness to the cause of ADDICTION TREATMENT & RECOVERY
      • RAISE each other up! All Life is Sacred!

Please consider choosing one of the following 5 Levels of Sponsorship:


Sprint Level:  $1 per mile

Olympic Level: $2 per mile

Hatrick Level: $3 per mile

Cross Country level: $4 per mile

Iron Man Level: $5 per mile

Important Reminders:

  • If you share the link to this page with your friends and social media accounts you can really help boost this effort.  Just this one simple act can take on a life of its own and reach more and more people who may choose to get involved.

If you have any questions please reach out to Joel Steven Posner directly via text or phone at 631-371-1090.


HHM Mission Statement:

Hope House Ministries provides compassionate, comprehensive, and competent care for the poor, the marginal, and the wounded among us. This commitment recognizes that all life is sacred and every human being is unique and has the right to be respected and protected. Specifically, we are committed to young people and families in crisis, pregnant women and mothers and babies in crisis and all other wounded people within our society, who are seen as abandoned and neglected. Thus we seek to be men and women of hope in a world of shattered dreams.