In response to the opioid crisis, Hope House Ministries acquired Little Portion Friary in Mt. Sinai in 2016 as a means of increasing our ability to serve more young men struggling with opioid addiction.

Nearly overnight our numbers doubled. As a result, so too did our expenses. Today 50 youth and young adult males live in a family style residential facility requiring a Herculean effort involving volunteers, clinical counselors and professional staff who provide, clinical counseling, 24-hour supervision, transportation, food, insurance, healthcare and educational opportunities.

Hope Academy is a long-term, non-traditional residential treatment program for homeless youth and young adult males living with addictions. Its demanding curriculum has assisted hundreds of young men regain control of their lives while advancing their education.

All of our programs at Hope House Ministries are intentionally FREE to our residents, including Hope Academy.

By refusing to charge residents rent or fees for services, Hope House Ministries is not bound to the red tape and limitations that typically come from federal funding and insurance companies.  In this way, residents are giving the time they need to make the necessary life changes that will set them up for success long term.

The program assists in the development of a life plan with short and long term goals and promotes the development of interpersonal skills. The length of stay varies based on need, averaging 12 to 18 months. Each person is treated individually by professional clinical staff with the sensitivity necessary to effectively deal with youth in crisis. The young people who live in residence work full-time or attend school.

Our primary objective, where possible, is to support family reconciliation and to help residents develop the skills needed for independent living.

Our secondary objectives include on-going education (including higher education), recreation, spiritual guidance, wholesome entertainment, and coordinated physical activities. Our goal is to foster and encourage holistic growth and the development of one’s full potential.

The Academy includes innovative approaches to recovery including opportunities for residents to work at The Grateful Bread Bakery, Building Block Woodshop, Art Room, Garden of Hope, Hope for Hives Beekeeping and soon an Automotive Repair Program