Hope House Ministries now offers services through multiple outreach programs that focus on restoring hope to the lives of those less fortunate, while all services remain free of charge. An important part of the success of our ministry has been the generosity of individuals and businesses who, in sharing our mission, have selflessly offered their volunteer and monetary assistance.

Over the years it has become more difficult to keep count of homeless youth and young adults. There isn’t enough manpower to accurately count the number of people who are doubling and tripling up in inadequate housing situations, nor the amount of people who at any time are about to be evicted from their homes. Not to mention those who are considered unsheltered, are in transitional housing programs or are living in shelters like Pax Christi. Due to the exponential rise in homelessness as well as the drug and alcohol epidemic our young ones are facing, we are filled to capacity with an extensive waiting list.

These youth present a tremendous and complex challenge and a great responsibility FOR ALL LONG ISLANDERS! Fortunately, there is Hope House Ministries which provides a loving and compassionate environment for thousands of teenagers, who have gone on to lead productive lives.

For 40 years, this bi-county, not-for-profit, community-based ministry has dedicated itself to providing comprehensive and competent residential and counseling assistance to thousands of adolescents, individuals and families in crisis. In addition, hundreds of schools throughout the state have benefited from a Wellness Seminar which educates students, teachers, school administrators and parents in understanding peer pressure, drug and alcohol abuse and teenage suicide.

Hope House Ministries is effective because unlike state and county facilities, which only offer a band-aid approach to these challenges, Hope House Ministries offers a holistic approach. Together, the staff and volunteers have created an empowering sense of family and community that are the change agents, helping young people grow in self-discipline, critical thinking, problem solving skills and personal responsibility.

We have accomplished these tasks with minimal financial assistance from federal, state or county agencies, saving the taxpayer thousands of dollars each year. We depend on the generosity of private contributions, fundraising events and corporate donations.

Hope House Ministries celebrates your giftedness and willingness to give others who struggle, a second chance to live again. It is a tapestry of life, compassion and brotherhood, rooted in a heart that speaks of justice and peace for all.

Fr. Francis Pizzarelli, SMM, LCSW-R, ACSW, DCSW

Executive Director-Founder, CEO