In 2013, Fr. Frank approached long time HHM supporters Barbara and Arti Pflieger with an idea. What if a retail space could generate needed funds for Little Portion Friary, home of 65 young men in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction? It’s preceeds could pay for their college classes, food, utilities and transportation costs.

In August of 2019, Barbara and Arti, with help from above, found the perfect location for their store in Port Jefferson Station. They began collecting donations and held a yard sale to acquire “seed money” for the many renovations needed for the store including cleaning, painting, carpentry, plumbing and electric. All of the labor was accomplished with the talents of the young men at Little Portion Friary.

Because Hope House Ministries is all about second chances, we named the store HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL SECOND CHANCE BOUTIQUE.

Our hope is to be able to raise $150,000 annually to support the agency and those in recovery.

We only accept very gently used items at the store. And everything is cleaned and prepared for sale by a team of dedicated volunteers.

Our Facebook page highlights our most recent items and Facebook Marketplace has become a great way for customers to connect with our store and mission.

God bless the work of Fr. Frank and his staff at Hope House Ministries! And God bless the young men at Little Portion Friary residential care facility for their courage to change!

Please stop by the store or visit us online. You won’t believe how many wonderful times we offer. Lots of collectibles, antiques and rare items of the highest quality will keep you coming back.

See you soon,

The Hope Springs Eternal 2nd Chance Boutique Team!