For those of you who don’t know me .. If you look at my Facebook page.. One of the first things you will see is my gratitude to God for his grace and mercy throughout my life. Being in recovery from hardcore drug addiction, eating disorders and codependency to unhealthy relationships – all stems from an extremely troubled childhood the likes of which, itself, nearly killed me.
Time and time again, through out my life, God has granted me new beginnings and has literally carried me through the deadliest of situations with the patience necessary, to deal with the most stubborn type of personality. Only the unconditional love from the lord could overcome such an obstacle.

Father Francis Pizzarelli and the staff at Hope House ministries were a key component in my growing through these phases of my life… I was accepted for the first time into the Hope House Academy at 16 years of age, after being expelled from two high schools for substance abuse. Even though I broke the rules and deserved to be thrown out of Hope House too.. Father Frank and the staff didn’t give up on me so easily, even when I gave up on myself..

I left shortly after to return to the misery of the streets… but when I was 23 and I desperately needed help getting clean again, Hope House welcomed me with open arms..

I left again and returned at 33 years old with Hepatitis C from sharing needles…They took me to a specialist once a week for a year vigilantly helping me eradicate the disease… Suffering from severe depression I left shortly after the treatment was over only to return again at 36 after losing my daughter in a court battle, again due to my substance abuse. And today I have my daughter and son in my life thanks to their efforts.. They never gave up on me and they continue to let me know that they are there for me if I ever need them.
Not only did Hope House Ministries play a key role in saving my life, they taught me how to believe in myself. They taught me that I deserve more than the promise of destitution, degradation, and dereliction that active addiction has to offer. Hope House ministries saw me through the hardest times of my life and all I aspire to become, I owe to them.

If your seeking refuge in a cruel world and your finding it impossible to hold onto hope and faith. If your having problems with addiction, depression, or finding out who you are… Hope house ministries will definitely be instrumental in helping you become the Man God Intended you to be!! The best version of yourself !!!

– Sincerely,
Christopher Ruth