Employer Matching

Why not double or triple your donation to Hope House Ministries with a matching gift through your employer? After making your donation to Hope House Ministries, submit a matching gifts form to your company. Once the form is submitted and Hope House Ministries has verified receipt of your gift, your employer will disperse the matching funds.

Search online or contact your HR department to see if your employer offers a matching gift program.

In addition to financial support, Hope House Ministries encourages businesses and/or departments to create team building excercises by volunteering at one of our program sites.

Many businesses allow their employees time away from the office to volunteer at their favorite non profit. Some go so far as to organize groups of employees to volunteer together as a team.

At all of our properties, individuals and groups can make a difference. Call the Development Office for more information on how your business can help or click here to sign up today.

Volunteer With Us